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  • Learn More About Improving Application Performance and Security in Healthcare With VDI

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  • VDI Deployments in Education Don’t have to be Complex

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  • Virtual Desktops Virtual Servers and Software Defined Storage on Any Commodity x86 Infrastructure

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"Hive Fabric uses a message bus and UI to show an all-encompassing view of a data center and its connected components in real time" - TechTarget

Deploy and Support Your Entire Virtualization
Enviroment In a Single Pain of Glass

"HiveIO implements the new GPU and SDN support in a granular and flexible way that will better position IT to meet performance" - Storage Swiss

Reduce Your Capex, Run on Commodity Hardware

Hive Fabric virtualization was built from the ground up to run on any server. Hive Fabric enables our customers to deploy virtual desktops, virtual machines, and software defined storage in a single install, and on any x86 infrastructure.
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Exceed End User Performance Expectations

Hive Fabric comes with a native desktop broker and profile manager - VDI deploys in a single install without the need for other vendors. Take advantage of Hive Fabric's In-Memory primary storage capability and exceed end user VDI experience.
Replicating Workloads With Iometer

Put Your Specialists to Work Where You Need Them Most

Hive Fabric's intelligent Message Bus makes data driver decisions so you spend less time managing and supporting your environment and more time focused on your end users. Let your specialists innocate for your business, not your infrastructure.
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