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the VDI

The only software that delivers the entire VDI Stack tightly integrated into a single fabric

Why We Are Better

HiveIO VMWare
& Others
Complete end-to-end VDI platform deployed from a single install
Using Swarm theory, intelligently utilize resources and scale your infrastructure
Single pane view across virtual servers, storage and clients
Easy to use - does not require certification or special training
High Performant In-Memory storage
Visibility across desktops applications, based on intelligent bus
Industry’s Lowest cost of ownership

A Sample of
Our Customers

"Having high performing Hive platforms means we really don’t have to worry about the user experience."

Andy Browne
Infrastructure Manager
Calor Gas

"Hive Fabric helped us meet our growing demands and reduced our TCO by almost 50%."

Bobbi Jo Kelly
IT Director
The Epiphany School of Global Studies

"[HiveIO] allows us to continue to reduce our costs, reduce time to value, and increase capabilities."

Douglas Babb
Chief IT Systems Architect
Hill Enterprise Datacenter

"Far better value for money overall, as well as impressive performance and more flexible scalability."

Mark Slater
Solutions Architect


How-to Guide

A virtual desktop or virtual machine has three critical parts: the template, the optimized golden image, and the Delta disk.

Coronavirus Relief
Free 90-Day License
for Education

As part of our effort to help you stem the spread of Coronavirus, HiveIO is providing select organizations an unlimited user license of its enterprise VDI software for 90 days.


Join this short 30-minute live presentation to hear the top 5 actions you can take today to provide remote access for your remote workers, students, and staff function.